How do I take the best care of my ftwp items?

All ftwp’s items are made by hand from natural materials, for best maintenance please follow according to our recommendations:
Just like our skin, Leather reacts to water, long exposure to sun and climate changes. according to this the tones and flexibility of your items may change over time. Never the less, those changes are what gives your item its unique individual characteristics.
Please note that running water, cosmetics, chemicals and dump places may affect your items.
Leather cleaning products are best used for cleaning and refreshing our items, you may use a dry cloth with bee wax or Vaseline for adding some refreshing shine to your item.
Please make sure to store your items in dry surroundings.

What makes ftwp a Slow-Fashion brand?

All our items are made by the same two hands, handcrafted one by one into small series. This explains why each piece is slightly different from one another. We are patiently handpicking our raw materials, embracing its scars and faults and transforming them into the genuine beauty marks.

How do we maintain the eco-friendly concept?

ftwp does not use any new leather sheets but the odds-and-ends of pre-used leather. By using fashion industry’s by-products we create the original, one of a kind choir of textures and shades of black for every article without creating extra raw material waste.

Why do you insist on showing the “backside” of your items?

All our items are hand stitched and hand crafted. We see the knots and disruptions just as beautiful as the front side of each item. We keep the native, un-industrial look and feel to our items so you can see the beauty of the working process not only the final result.
For the same reason our bag collection do not have fabric linens in it, we choose to work with pre-used raw leather for purpose, and we hope you will appreciate the decision of being stripped from fashions’ conventions as much as we do


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